COVID-19 Information


Dear Patients and Families of the Devon Orthodontics Community, 


Our commitment to protecting patient health and safety is held to the highest degree in our power. To this end, we are joining in the collective effort of battling COVID-19 by encouraging all patients with routine orthodontic treatment to reschedule their appointments (484.580.8050 or Our team at Devon Orthodontics will be seeing patients for trauma, discomfort, and loose or broken appliances during normal business hours until it is deemed that we are able to safely resume normal activity.  We embrace our role as orthodontic providers equally as much as members of society, and we recognize the responsibility it takes on both ends. 



When will we be seeing patients routinely again?


Our team has taken extraordinary and appropriate measures to protect all those within the Devon Orthodontics Community, all while being mindful of the resources we consume that are also needed by our allied healthcare providers on the frontline.  


While we are not sure exactly when we will return to a point of normalcy, we are closely following the lead of the Governor of Pennsylvania, along with the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists.  Once we are able to start to see our patients again, we will start slowly so we can minimize the number of people in the office and continue to put your health and safety first. 


What are the steps our office is taking to minimize the risk of transmission?


Our office has always taken pride in our strict sterilization and disinfection techniques. Before and after each patient, we make sure to thoroughly sterilize any instrument, furniture, or object that our patients or staff come into contact with.  At this time, we are asking that only one guardian come into our office with each patient, and that masks are worn to prevent any possible transmission. We take great measures to ensure patients and staff are in the safest possible environment.  Any additional guidelines suggested by OSHA and the CDC will continue to be followed by our team. 


What will appointments look like in the future?


Once we are open, we will continue to follow the mandated social distancing guidelines.  Our waiting room will be set up with less chairs and spread apart so that there will be no unnecessary close proximity to the others in the waiting room. There will also be a “virtual waiting room” option, where patients will call the office upon arrival and be prompted to come up when ready to be seen.  Even as we open up, we will continue to ask family members to wait in their car to keep the number of people in the office to a bare minimum.


We can’t wait to see you back and smiling!


These unprecedented times have been hard on all ends, we miss seeing you and interacting with you dearly!  During this time, our staff has been staying in virtual contact and preparing for your arrival.  Here at Devon Orthodontics, we aren’t just an orthodontics practice, we are a family and we truly wouldn’t be a family without you!  Thank you for the patience and understanding you have demonstrated during this pandemic.

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"We had a great experience at our consultation appointment. Dr. Secchi explained everything so that I and my 10 year old daughter understood all of the issues and the treatment plan. My daughter is already asking when we can go back!"-Kate B.
"I love Devon Orthodontics! I was so nervous about getting braces but Dr. Secchi and his staff made me feel so comfortable. I truly enjoy my visits to Devon Ortho. Dr. Secchi and his staff explain everything before they do it so you feel at ease. Thank you!"-Paige B.
"With many years of experience in the dental field, I can honestly say that Dr. Secchi is one of the best at what he does! I wouldn't put my daughter under anyone else's care. Definitely worth the hour long trip for our visits!"-Carol V.

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